Navajo Nation COVID 19 Relief Effort

We are urgently trying to raise money for an estimated 40,000 families living on the Navajo Reservation. They desperately need medical supplies for front line workers & resources for families in the form of cash for essential supplies and groceries.

The Navajo Nation have been on ordered government lock down with emergency weekend curfews in place for the past several weeks. Residents are helpless, without money to buy food and essential supplies. Many of these families have elderly members vulnerable to COVID 19 and are already challenged with accessing even basic utilities.

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez, is warning that the peak to COVID 19 cases may still be weeks away and these numbers show a startling trend. The Navajo Nation has lost more lives to COVID-19 than 13 states combined, and it’s expected to get worse.

The Navajo people already took a huge hit last year when over 2000 native jobs were lost as the result of a long time tenant and large power plant closing down. This closure left many local residents without the ability to pay their bills and resulting in extremely poor living conditions. Navajo children & grandchildren are unable to visit their elders to bring them medicine and the domestic violence and increased alcohol abuse has become even more rampant than ever before.

Times have been tough before, but now they are simply devastating. We need your help, please give generously. 

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