Our Mandate Is To Help. Here’s the Plan.

We are urgently trying to raise money for an estimated 40,000 families living on the Navajo Reservation. They desperately need medical supplies for front line workers & resources for families in the form of cash for essential supplies and groceries.

Funding to directly support the Navajo People Including:

  • Sourcing Medical Supplies and PPE for Front Line Workers
  • Support the Supply of COVID 19 Testing Kits and The Means to Test
  • Collect and Disperse Cash Money To Desperate Families

Our commitment is to provide an online resource website as a vehicle to raise funds and a voice to collectively draw public attention to the current horrific circumstances of the Navajo nation during the COVID 19 crisis.

Our vision is to raise a minimum of $8 Million USD.

Our fundraising efforts are based on transparency, honesty and the professional ethics and standard business practices required and we always act on the long-term interest of the Navajo people.

*All donations will be provided with a Tax receipt.

Funding Goal  $1,000,000+

40,000 families living on the Navajo reservation need your help today. Please give generously.

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